Sanction Forms

 Please Call LSBS (830) 460-0470 before sending sanction form.

  Lone Star Barbecue Society Rules for Sanctioning a cook-off
  • You must join LSBS:  Cost $48.00  Per Year
  • Promoters Sanction: cost $35.00 per cook-off.
  • You must follow all LSBS rules, use all LSBS judging forms and containers.
  • A qualified LSBS Judging Coordinator must officiate your cook-off.
  • All flyers, forms and a check for the Sanctioning Fee,
  • and the membership fee must be received a minimum of
  • (3) three months prior to your cook-off.
  • When LSBS has approved to sanction your cook-off
  • Please send your flyer for approval.
  • we will make arrangements for you to meet with one of our V.P's,
  • at that time we will go over any questions you may have.

2018 Sanction Form.odt