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since 1996​

The Lone Star Barbecue Society was founded in November 1996 by Glenn and Pat Nicholas. We were involved with another cooks association and it was the expressed desire of that organization to no longer "sanction" cook offs further than 50 miles from their main headquarters location. This created quite a dilemma for us. Glenn, serving as Activity Director had setup cook offs around the state which meant those promoters would no longer be able to have their cook offs sanctioned unless they paid a fee for another group to do it. Although another organization seemed perhaps a bit much for the state we felt it necessary in order to fulfill our obligation to those promoters. LSBS organized as a 501(7)c non profit organization, and is available to sanction cook offs for other non-profit groups. We are here to help them earn money for their groups. We are proud to have helped in purchasing medical equipment, scholarships and many children's charities sponsored by the various service organizations who promote our barbecue competitions. Twenty-four years later the Lone Star Barbecue Society is a successful organization, sanctioning eighty-five plus events throughout the year across the State of Texas. We look forward to meeting many of you at your local events.Thanks to the foresight of the founders, and the hard work of many in the organization, the Lone Star Barbecue society has grown into one of the premier BBQ Sanctioning organizations in the state. If you are interested in promotion a cook-off, or becoming a member please contact us.

Glenn & Pat Nicholas - Founders of the Lone Star Barbecue Society....
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